Windfarm Development Support

Providing development pre and post construction support for safe and efficient windfarm operations.

Windfarm Development Support

Interocean offers comprehensive development support services for windfarms, ensuring their safe and efficient operation from initial planning through to installation and commissioning.

We conduct thorough baseline surveys for all sites, utilising LiDAR technology on drones for onshore topographic surveys, and specialist vessels for offshore seabed surveys, which provide preliminary site data to assist with planning the offshore wind farm layout.

All mapping data is meticulously managed in a Geographic Information System (GIS), merging various datasets to provide a constantly updated overview of the wind farm for maintenance and future development planning.

Our marine team plays a pivotal role in both quayside and offshore operations. They are responsible for inspecting vessels, overseeing load-outs, coordinating vessel traffic, monitoring personnel-on-board (POB), and issuing permits-to-work, ensuring smooth and compliant operations throughout the windfarm development process.

Explore our services below:

Survey & Subsea Services

  • Onshore topographic surveys
  • Offshore bathymetric and sub-bottom surveys
  • UXO and boulder clearance
  • Mapping and GIS data management


Marine Operations:

  • Vessel inspection
  • Marine coordination
  • Vessel traffic management
  • Marine warranty assurance
  • Transportation


  • Sea-fastening design
  • Stability analysis
  • Route planning


Marine Operations:

  • Vessel inspections
  • Load-out and off-loading supervision
  • Marine warranty assurance


  • Site-specific assessments
  • Leg penetration analysis
  • Location approvals
  • Cable lay and  pull-in analysis


Construction Support Services:

  • Rope access and rigging services
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Coatings inspection and remedial painting
  • Statutory inspections
  • Rigging and pull-in support


Survey And Subsea Services:

  • Pre-installation seabed surveys
  • Vessel positioning services
  • ROV services
  • Post-installation services
  • Mapping and GIS data management
  • Cable installation


Survey and Subsea Services:

  • Pre-lay surveys
  • Cable lay vessel positioning
  • As-laid/as-trenched surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Mapping and GIS data management

Floating Wind Developments

Interocean leverages the capabilities outlined above to offer a comprehensive range of services for the Floating Offshore Wind sector. This includes design and analysis, procurement, installation, towing, and hook-up services.

Our team of naval architects and geotechnical engineers boasts extensive experience in designing and analysing structures and mooring systems. They perform global dynamic analyses to assess the impact of weather, environmental conditions, and failure modes.

Key to our operation, our Survey Vessels conduct pre-installation seabed and cable route surveys. These surveys provide critical seabed charts, aiding in design engineering and installation planning.

The Marine Operations Team orchestrates a fully managed service package for floating turbine installation, covering:

  • Mooring design and global dynamic analysis
  • Mooring equipment procurement
  • Pre-installation seabed survey
  • Installation vessel selection, inspection, and chartering
  • Mooring equipment installation and pre-tensioning
  • Floating turbine tow and hook-up on site
  • As-build survey
  • Marine assurance and operations management