HSEQ Policy

Interocean Marine Services considers health and safety, protection of the environment and quality (HSEQ) to be a line management responsibility and of equal importance throughout all our business activities. Maintaining high HSEQ standards is recognised as a means of adding value to overall business performance. This policy is applicable to all Interocean companies.

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all personnel involved in our business activities, striving to achieve an incident free workplace through the elimination of hazards, prevention of pollution, and damage to equipment or assets. Our commitment to HSEQ is demonstrated through the adoption of the following HSEQ goals:

Maintain an organisation with a clear structure that defines duties, responsibilities and lines of communication to ensure the understanding and achievement of common goals

Establish achievable, measurable performance standards, targets and objectives for continuous HSEQ and service delivery improvements

Promote a positive safety culture through strong leadership, effective communications and management involvement within the organization, promoting openness and participation in HSE matters

Provide sufficient resources to enable policies and objectives to be met

Mitigate foreseeable risks through active hazard identification and risk assessment

Develop and implement effective emergency response and incident reporting, recording and investigation processes to minimise and prevent reoccurrence of human, environmental and financial losses arising from unplanned events

Provide instruction, information and training, and ensure that personnel are suitably competent to fulfil the roles to which they have been assigned in a safe and environmentally responsible manner

Empower staff to STOP any activity they consider a threat to health and safety, and/or the environment, through participation in a worksite HSE observation programme

Maintain plant and equipment in a safe and secure manner to ensure equipment remains safe and works effectively

Maintain and improve client satisfaction concurrently with our reputation as a provider of specialist support services by recognising and fulfilling client and contractual requirements

Engage with suppliers and contractor personnel to ensure their HSEQ standards are at least of an equivalent standard to those of Interocean Marine Services.

Continually improve HSEQ performance though the development, implementation and maintenance of a Business Management System (BMS) that meets the requirements of applicable legislation and regulatory requirements, national and international standards and good industry practices, and incorporates management of change, monitoring, audit and review processes

Consult with employees on health and safety matters, and in the review of the HSEQ policy at least annually to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness

Undertake all inspection, marine warranty and other relevant consultancy activities without commercial, financial or other pressures that may compromise impartiality

Maintain continued accreditation of inspection activities to ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

Interocean expects commitment from everyone involved in our activities to take responsibility and be accountable for compliance with this policy, our BMS, applicable legislation/regulations, good industry standards and working practices.

The Chief Executive Officer, supported by the Board of Directors, accepts ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the organisation is guided and resourced for effective implementation and continual improvement of the BMS.